Videos Tercer Coloquio Anual




Espinoza O., Lozano C., Enrique R., Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Linear expenditure system and extended linear expenditure system (les - eles). An application to household consumption in Colombian regions– 2008.ECORFAN Colloquium, 2012.CL-3: 21:31 min.

Espinosa O., Vaca P., Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Research Group in Economic Models and Quantitative Methods, Social Protection technology and state education, producing factors of Latin American economic development, empirical evidence from vector autoregressive models. ECORFAN Colloquium, 2012.CL-3: 18:55 min.

Lebrancon J., Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Terms of trade of China, 1994-2010. ECORFAN Colloquium, 2012.CL-3: 21:31 min.

Rebolo J., Valorization, Emprendia-USC, Transfer and Entrepreneurship. ECORFAN Colloquium, 2012.CL-3: 17:45 min

Suyo G., Castroman J., Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco-Peru, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela-Spain, Multidimensional analysis of the distinctive competencies of SMEs in the hotel industry in Galicia. ECORFAN Colloquium, 2012. CL-3: 27:26 min.