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ECORFAN recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of academic and research data for researchers, libraries and professionals. For this reason, it uses the CrossMark tool to ensure reliable content and to inform readers about changes and updates to articles published by scientific journals.


By clicking on the CrossMark logo included in each article, the system will display information about the history of changes after publication and the current status of the article. Changes will be made in circumstances that warrant it.


This includes typos; major changes such as incorrect or misunderstood data or information. The corrected version will replace the original and will indicate the corrections that have been made.


Following the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) recommendations of good scientific and bibliographic publication practices, the change policy will be adjusted to the following circumstances:


Corrections to an article: changes or corrections will be adjusted for major errata discovered after publication that may mislead readers. This may be the result of an error on the part of the authors or an error introduced during the journal's editorial process.


Retraction: this action will be implemented for articles that are found to have serious deficiencies and may affect the data and results. These may include unintentional errors reported by the authors (e.g. in data, instruments or analyses), as well as issues of non-compliance with good practice (data fabrication, plagiarism, unethical research, duplicate publication or overlap, falsification or manipulation of images, among others). For any retracted article, the reason instigating the retraction will be clearly indicated in the retraction notice that will be published alongside the retracted article. This note will be watermarked and will clearly indicate that the article has been retracted.


Removal of articles: removal of an article will be carried out when there are legal limitations in place, it is defamatory or infringes the legal rights of third parties.


For more information on CrossMark, please visit the CrossMark site.


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