Handbooks | Social Sciences
Tomo 11


1 - Indigenous youth in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area. Risk factors for their university careers GALLEGOS-MARTÍNEZ, Gabriela & MARTÍNEZ-SÁNCHEZ, María Luisa




2 - The use of alternative media as means of social insertion to generate corporate social responsibility Ambient Media and Marketing de Guerrilla CISNEROS-MARTÍNEZ, Nancy Graciela, DURÁN-BRAVO, Patricia, ORTIZ-RODRÍGUEZ, Herlinda and CRUZ-GUZMÁN, Diana Guadalupe




3 - Capacities and abilities: Factors of entrepreneurial intention among young students ESCAMILLA-SALAZAR, Zugaide, BADA-CARBAJAL, Lila Margarita and ESTRADA-OROPEZA, Karla Erika




4 - Sustainability: Notes on human relationship with the environment in Baja California Sur ALMADA, Rossana, RODRÍGUEZ-TOMP, Rosa Elba and ALMADA, Aletse




5 - Interactions of the digital creative city with the engines of the development of Guadalajara and the fulfillment of its goals GARAY-REYES, Ana Paola, MEDINA-CELIS, Laura Margarita, MEDINA-CELIS, Gabriela and SALDATE-MÁRQUEZ, Claudia Berenice




6 - Ethical-Legal dilemmas of the application of vaccines COBOS-CAMPOS, Amalia Patricia




7 - Academic stress in the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Administration of the Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Villa Guerrero in times of Covid 19 MONTES DE OCA-ESTRADA, Anabel Regina, PÉREZ-JAIMES, Arneth and VELÁZQUEZ-SERNA, José Ángel




8 - Strategic alliances in governance for the resolution of the public problem of citizen security and public security: Analysis of the case of the European Union, Colombia and Mexico ANCER-NEVÁREZ, Cristina & VILLARREAL-MARTÍNEZ, María Teresa




9 - Correlation between attitude and physical activity levels in gym users at a private University SALGADO-NÚÑEZ, María del Pilar, AGUILAR-ARROYO, Mabel and CRUZ-CASTRUITA, Rosa María




10 - Marketing for the recovery of customers lost in time of pandemic in the Municipality of Tampico, Tamaulipas GONZALEZ-DURAN, Nora Hilda, MARTINEZ-GARCIA, María Elena and GUZMAN-GARCIA, Juan Carlos