Handbooks | Engineering and Technology
Tomo 12


1 - Biogas Production, through low-cost tubular system for energy in the Tlalmanalco municipality LOZANO-CAMARGO, Maria Luisa†, GALICIA-LUIS, Laura and FIGUEROA-DELGADO, Pablo Jesús




2 - Bifunctional catalysts applied to produce biodiesel from waste cooking oil CERÓN-FERRUSCA, Montserrat, ROMERO-ROMERO, Rubi, NATIVIDAD, Reyna and MARTÍNEZ-VARGAS, Sandra Luz




3 - Biodiesel production as an alternative to reduce the environmental impact of University food courts ALANIS-RAMÍREZ, Claudia Ivett, ÁVILA-CORDOBA, Liliana, ROMERO-ROMERO, Rubi and NATIVIDAD, Reyna




4 - Absorption and reaction of CO2 in capillaries PEÑA, Rosaura, HURTADO, Lourdes, ROMERO, Rubi and NATIVIDAD, Reyna




5 - Mechanical characterization of the L4 and L5 lumbar vertebrae VILLAGRÁN-VILLEGAS, Luz Yazmin, SIORDIA-VÁSQUEZ, Xóchitl, CUÉLLAR-OROZCO, Maricela and PATIÑO-ORTIZ, Miguel




6 - Applied study of training projects as a learning strategy HERNÁNDEZ-CRUZ, Luz María, MEX-ALVAREZ, Diana Concepción, ORTIZ-CUEVAS, Nancy Georgina and CASTILLO-TÉLLEZ, Margarita




7 - Remediation of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons using a polymeric material (carboxymethylcellulose gel) ANTONIO-CRUZ, Rocío, PURATA-PÉREZ, Nora Alicia, VÁZQUEZ-GONZÁLEZ, María Berzabé and TREJO-VALENCIA, Radamés




8 - A review on electrospinning technologies and their potential use in the Biomedical Industry CUAHUIZO-HUITZIL, Guadalupe, SANTACRUZ-Vázquez, Claudia and SANTACRUZ-Vázquez, Verónica




9 - Green infrastructure: An ally to improve urban runoff management in semi-arid areasPresence of neuroglobin in the substantia nigra in a murine model of parkinson´s disease: an immunohistochemical study LIZÁRRAGA-MENDIOLA, Liliana, VÁZQUEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, Gabriela A. and BIGURRA-ALZATI, Carlos Alfredo




10 - Microencapsulation of acachul (Ardisia Compressa) extract by spray drying using diferente polymeric materials as encapsulating agents SANTACRUZ-Vázquez, Claudia & SANTACRUZ-Vázquez, Verónica