Handbooks | Biology, Chemistry and Life Sciences
Tomo 14


1 - Effect of the consumption of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni as a natural and artificial sweetener on fatigue and oxidative stress of skeletal muscle MARTÍNEZ-MARTÍNEZ, Cielo Maritza, BRAVO-SÁNCHEZ, Estefanía, SÁNCHEZ-DUARTE, Elizabeth and MONTOYA-PÉREZ, Rocío




2 - Cashew bagasse (Anacardium occidentale L.) as a source of fiber-antioxidant and its possible use in lipoinflammation models HERNÁNDEZ-PÉREZ, Susana, RAMÍREZ-HIGUERA, Abril, CHÁVEZ-REYES, Yanet and OLIART-ROS, Rosa María




3 - The relevance of the source of animal or vegetable proteins on the metabolic syndrome and its comorbidities MARCOS-MÉNDEZ, Dora Alicia, RAMIREZ-HIGUERA, Abril, OLIART-ROS, Rosa María and GUADARRAMA-LEZAMA, Andrea Yazmín




4 - Andanzas de un elemento mágico: el ciclo biogeoquímico del manganeso DAMIÁN-SALINAS, Daniela, RIVERA-RODRÍGUEZ, Dulce Arely, LIZÁRRAGA-MENDIOLA, Liliana and VÁZQUEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, Gabriela A.




5 - Methods of physical control of pathogenic microorganisms in hospital areas SÁNCHEZ-OTERO, María Guadalupe, PANIAGUA-MARTÍNEZ, Ingrid, TEMICHE-CHI, Diana Michel and ALEXANDER-AGUILERA, Alfonso




6 - Use of power ultrasound, supercritical fluids and membrane technology to obtain and/or preserve biological products for clinical use PANIAGUA-MARTÍNEZ, Ingrid, SÁNCHEZ-OTERO, María Guadalupe, CORRO-FERNÁNDEZ, Karina and ALEXANDER-AGUILERA, Alfonso




7 - Obtaining and characterization of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of the Tradescantia Spathacea SW ESTRADA-HERNÁNDEZ, Gladys Vianey, FIGUEROA-RAMÍREZ, Sandra Jazmín, SIERRA-GRAJEDA, Juan Manuel Tadeo and AGUILAR-UCÁN, Claudia Alejandra