Handbooks | Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology
Tomo 12


1 - Bio-based antimicrobial packaging: A response to a reduction in the use of plastics and an advance in food safety. A review FONSECA-BARRERA, Itzel del Carmen, MENDOZA-GARCÍA, Patricia Guillermina, RAMÍREZ-HIGUERA, Abril and LOPEZ-ZAMUDIO, Amairany




2 - Importance of peptidoglycan hydrolases, bactericidal enzymes produced by lactic acid bacteria, in the reduction of antibiotic LOPEZ-ZAMUDIO, Amairany, MENDOZA-GARCÍA, Patricia Guillermina, PEÑA-MONTES, Carolina and FONSECA-BARRERA, Itzel del Carmen




3 - Relevance of gene expression studies to understand pollutants biodegradation NARCISO-ORTIZ, Leticia & PEÑA-MONTES, Carolina




4 - Application of homeopathic preparations and biofungicides to prevent and control anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) in Haas avocado crops BASILIO-MORA, Marisol, DÍAZ-DURÁN, Ma. de la Luz and JUÁREZ-SOSA, Gerardo




5 - Biosynthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles and their Applications REYES-PÉREZ, Jazmin A., ROA-MORALES, Gabriela, AMAYA-CHÁVEZ, Araceli and BALDERAS-HERNÁNDEZ, Patricia




6 - Application of beneficial microorganisms rhizobacteria to improve plant production in protected natural areas GÓMEZ-LUNA, Blanca Estela




7 - Adaptability and rusticity of zebu breeds over pure European breeds in the climates of the Mexican tropics CABRERA-NÚÑEZ, Amalia, ROJAS-RONQUILLO, María Rebeca, ALARCÓN-ZAPATA, Marco Antonio and TABAREZ-ROJAS, Abigail




8 - Preparation and use of intravaginal sponges for induction of estrus in hair sheep TABAREZ-ROJAS, Abigail, VIVEROS-MÁRQUEZ, Silvia, GARCEZ-MERCADO, Nora and ALARCÓN-ZAPATA, Marco Antonio




9 - Evaluation of an alternative nixtamalization method in maize landraces from Chiapas ROSADO-ZARRABAL, Thelma Lucía, MICELLI-MÉNDEZ, Irene, GÓMEZ-VELASCO, Diana Aurora and RUIZ-MENDOZA, Citlalli Guadalupe




10 - Growth promotion and productivity of tomato using two plant biostimulants: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed extract SÁNCHEZ-HERNÁNDEZ, Carla Vanessa, HERNÁNDEZ-HERRERA, Rosalba Mireya, NERI-LUNA, Cecilia and BALDERRAMA-SOTO, Iliana Getsemany