Handbooks | Engineering and Innovation
Tomo 20


1 - Chapter 1 Effect of simultaneous microwave-ultrasound irradiation on the synthesis of hydrotalcite-derived mixed oxides for As(III) removal GARZÓN-PÉREZ, Amanda Stephanie, PAREDES-CARRERA, Silvia Patricia, VELÁZQUEZ-HERRERA, Franchescoli Didier and ZARAZUA-AGUILAR, Yohuali




2 - Chapter 2 Detection of minor stoppages in the packaging area of a brewing company in the town of Tecate B.C. GARAMBULLO, Adriana, ACOSTA-MARTÍNEZ, Alejandro, PLAZOLA-RIVERA, Teresa and APODACA-DEL ANGEL, Lourdes




3 - Chapter 3 Implementation of quality control tools in the inspection-receipt area to reduce raw material rejections in electromechanical industries SOTO-LEYVA, Yasmin, BONES-MARTÍNEZ, Rosalía and SANTOS-OSORIO, Arturo




4 - Chapter 4 Technological Implementation for rainwater harvesting BONES-MARTINEZ, Rosalía, SOTO-LEYVA, Yasmin and SANTOS-OSORIO, Arturo




5 - Chapter 5 A systematic review on life cycle assessment of solar water heaters SALGADO-CONRADO, Lizbeth, ÁLVAREZ-MACÍAS, Carlos, ESMERALDA-GÓMEZ, Alma Graciela, and PÉREZ-GARCÍA, Laura Andrea




6 - Chapter 6 Process standardization and its impact on the manufacture of amaranth products SOTO-LEYVA, Yasmin, BONES-MARTÍNEZ, Rosalía and SANTOS-OSORIO, Arturo




7 - Chapter 7 Meliponiculture in communities as a business unit for indigenous women GONZAGA-LICONA, Elisa, GONZÁLEZ-MUÑOZ, Lilian and AHUACATITLA-PÉREZ, José Miguel




8 - Chapter 8 Optimization of the rainbow trout rearing process (O ncorynclius mykiss). Case- study HERNÁNDEZ-MALDONADO, Evelia, GONZAGA-LICONA, Elisa and VILLA-BARRERA, Víctor




9 - Chapter 9 Market research to identify the viability of using solar stoves in the municipalities of Peñamiller and Jalpan de Serra, in the state of Querétaro ÁLVAREZ-ORTEGA, Annel Angelia, MORADO-HUERTA Ma. Guadalupe, CASTILLO-MARTÍNEZ, Luz Carmen, MARROQUÍN-DE JESÚS, Angel




10 - Chapter 10 A study of the Apollonian Gasket CANO-CORDERO, Laura Angélica & DOMÍNGUEZ-SOTO, Patricia