Scientific Objectives

Support the international scientific community in its written production Science, Technology and Innovation in the Field of Medicine and Health Sciences, in Subdisciplines of clinical sciences, nutrition sciences, pharmacology, internal medicine, general medicine, internal medicine, preventive medicine.

ECORFAN-Mexico SC is a Scientific and Technological Company in contribution to the Human Resource training focused on the continuity in the critical analysis of International Research and is attached to CONACYT-RENIECYT number 1702902, its commitment is to disseminate research and contributions of the International Scientific Community, academic institutions, agencies and entities of the public and private sectors and contribute to the linking of researchers who carry out scientific activities, technological developments and training of specialized human resources with governments, companies and social organizations.

Encourage the interlocution of the International Scientific Community with other Study Centers in Mexico and abroad and promote a wide incorporation of academics, specialists and researchers to the publication in Science Structures of Autonomous Universities - State Public Universities - Federal IES - Polytechnic Universities - Technological Universities - Federal Technological Institutes - Normal Schools - Decentralized Technological Institutes - Intercultural Universities - S & T Councils - CONACYT Research Centers.