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Institutional mail No.10 Times New Roman and Italic
Report Submission Date: Month, Day, and Year); Accepted (Insert date of Acceptance: Use Only ECORFAN).


         Title												Keywords

        Objectives, methodology					Indicate (3-5) keywords in Times New Roman and
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       (150-200 words)        
 Citation: Last name -First name (in uppercase) -1st † Last name -First name (in uppercase) -2nd Authors name. Paper Title. Title of the Journal. 2015 1-1: 1-11 - [All in Times New Roman No.10]


 Text in Times New Roman No.12, single space.
 General explanation of the subject and explain why it is important.


What is your added value with respect to other techniques?
Clearly focus each of its features
Clearly explain the problem to be solved and the central hypothesis.


Development of headings and subheadings of the article with subsequent numbers
[Title No.12 in Times New Roman, single spaced and Bold]
Products in development No.12 Times New Roman, single spaced.


Including graphs, figures and tables-Editable
In the article content any graphic, table and figure should be editable formats that can change size, type and number of letter, for the purposes of edition, these must be high quality, not pixelated and should be noticeable even reducing image scale.
[Indicating the title at the bottom with No.10 and Times New Roman Bold]

Should not be images-everything must be editable

Should not be images-everything must be editable

Should not be images-everything must be editable


Each article shall present separately in 3 folders: a) Figures, b) Charts and c) Tables in .JPG format, indicating the number and sequential Bold Title.


For the use of equations, noted as follows:
They must be editable and number aligned on the right side.


Develop give the meaning of the variables in linear writing and important is the comparison of the used criteria.


The results shall be by section of the article.


Tables and adequate sources thanks to indicate if they were funded by any institution, University or company.


Explain clearly the results and possibilities of improvement.


Using APA system, should Not be numbered, either bulleted, however, if necessary, will be because reference number or referred to in any of the article.


Data Sheet
Each article must submit your dates into a Word document (.docx):


Journal Name
Article title
Article sections, for example:

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of the method
  3. Analysis from the regression demand curve
  4. Results
  5. Thanks
  6. Conclusions
  7. References

Author Name (s)
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