Scope, Coverage and Audience

Revista de Energía Química y Física is a Research Journal edited by ECORFAN-Mexico S.C in its Holding with repository in Bolivia, is a scientific publication arbitrated and indexed with semester periods. It supports a wide range of contents that are evaluated by academic peers by the Double-Blind method, around subjects related to the theory and practice of analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemistry, macromolecular, nuclear chemistry, fluid physics, physics, statistics, molecular physics, theoretical physics with diverse approaches and perspectives, that contribute to the diffusion of the development of Science Technology and Innovation that allow the arguments related to the decision making and influence in the formulation of international policies in the Field of Biology and Chemistry. The editorial horizon of ECORFAN-Mexico® extends beyond the academy and integrates other segments of research and analysis outside the scope, as long as they meet the requirements of rigorous argumentative and scientific, as well as addressing issues of general and current interest of the International Scientific Society.