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Chapter 1 Effect of leading edge spherical tubercles on the aerodynamic performance of a 2D wind turbine airfoil at low reynolds numbers using computational fluid dynamics BENAVIDES-ZADOROZHNA, David Alexander, BENAVIDES, Olena, SIERRA GRAJEDA, Juan Manuel Tadeo, FIGUEROA-RAMÍREZ, Sandra Jazmín




Chapter 2 Modeling of a cascaded Raman fiber optic laser PAGES-PACHECO, Angeles Yolanda, DE LA CRUZ-MAY, Lelio, MEJIA-BELTRAN, Efrain and FLORES-GIL, Aaron




Chapter 3 Evaluation of the inhibition efficiency of the Coccoloba Uvífera extract, through weight loss in 1M HCl and 3.5% NaCl media HUCHIN-CHAN, Nancy del Carmen, FIGUEROA-RAMÍREZ, Sandra Jazmín, SIERRA-GRAJEDA, Juan Manuel Tadeo and PORCAYO-CALDERÓN, Jesús




Chapter 4 Development of chemometric models to predict physical and chemical properties in biodiesel-diesel mixtures RODRIGUEZ-PEREZ, Osniel Lázaro, ANGUEBES-FRANSESCHI, Francisco, ABATAL, Mohamed and MAY-TZUC, Oscar Jesús




Chapter 5 The behavior of the pigment discoloration Permalon Rhodamine B 400% red in a liquid medium after exposure to a non-thermal plasma of different electrical power at atmospheric pressure ÁVILA-MARES, Isidro Mildred, ALARCÓN-HERNÁNDEZ, Fidel Benjamín, FUENTES-ALBARRÁN, María del Carmen and GADEA-PACHECO, José Luis




Chapter 6 Analysis of Flow Direction Effects in a Single-Channel Serpentine Geometry for PEM Fuel Cells at the Cathode Side CEBALLOS-PÉREZ, José, ORDÓÑEZ-LÓPEZ, Luis and SIERRA-GRAJEDA, Juan




Chapter 7 Feasibility study of alloy Al80Mg20% weight, heat-treated as energy material REDA-CRUZ, Alfredo, PÉREZ-MONTEJO, Salatiel, CALAN-CANCHE, Damian and FLORES-CHAN, José Enrique




Chapter 8 Phytoremediation of heavy metals in petroleum-contaminated soil using red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) and a microbial consortium RAMÍREZ-ELÍAS, Miguel Ángel, BENÍTEZ-PINEDA, Paulo Alberto, AGUILAR-UCÁN, Claudia Alejandra and CÓRDOVA-QUIROZ, Atl Víctor




Chapter 9 Test of electrodes based on manganese oxide with and without potassium cations for supercapacitors CHÁVEZ-GÓMEZ, Karina del Carmen, LÓPEZ-LÓPEZ, Elizabeth and QUIROGA-GONZALEZ, Enrique




Chapter 10 Performance of a microbial fuel cell using MnO2 as cathode catalyst CALZADO-ARAGÓN, Jenny, FUENTES-ALBARRÁN, María del Carmen and ALARCÓN-HERNÁNDEZ Fidel Benjamín