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Tomo 1


Chapter 1 Selection methods and detection techniques applied to tomato fruits based on their physical characteristics LOPEZ-ROBLES, Martín, JIMENEZ-CRUZ, Alexis, MIRANDA-SOTO, Litzy Paola and ANTONIO-VELAZQUEZ, Juan Alberto




Chapter 2 Design and construction of a render farm GONZÁLEZ-DOMINGUEZ, Marcos Crecencio, JIMÉNEZ-SIMÓN, Fernando, MEDINA-GALINDO, David Rafael and BLAS-ENRIQUE, Roberto




Chapter 3 Language Recognition through Context-Free Grammars and Natural Language Processing CABALLERO-HERNANDEZ, Hector, MUÑOZ-JIMÉNEZ, Vianney and RAMOS-CORCHADO Marco A.




Chapter 4 Machine learning in the detection of gender violence in digital job offers in the technological sphere REYES-DELGADO, Aurea Teresa




Chapter 5 Wizard based on natural language processing for Java programming language LÓPEZ-GONZÁLEZ, Erika, PONCE-CAMACHO, Julio, MALDONADO-GARCÍA, Ángel and REYES-NAVA, Adriana




Chapter 6 Optimizing the control of a Peltier cell using genetic algorithms SUÁREZ-SÁNCHEZ, Juan Carlos




Chapter 7 Identification and classification of mature corn cob species using Artificial Intelligence algorithms REYES-NAVA, Adriana, LÓPEZ-GONZÁLEZ, Erika and GIL-ANTONIO, Leopoldo